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Digital Imaging by Our Local Danville Veterinarians

In order to provide your pet with the best care, we offer digital imaging at our veterinary clinic in Danville. At the Tassajara Veterinary Clinic, our comprehensive pet services start with diagnostics using the best equipment. This ensures we are able to provide your pet with the best diagnosis the first time around. Find out more about our state of the art digital x-ray and ultrasound images at our vet clinic near Danville.

Choosing Digital Imaging for Your Pet

Digital imaging is one of the most advanced ways of examining pets internally. Whether you are concerned that your pet has swallowed a toy or are suffering from internal bleeding, digital imaging can provide the tools needed for a diagnosis. We can also use digital imaging to scan for cancer, tumors, or signs of diseases. We also use digital x-ray to conduct pet dental exams. This technique allows your vet to capture and process X-rays more quickly and efficiently. It also ensures a clearer image of your pet’s internal organs and systems, which is vital for an accurate diagnosis.

Benefits of Digital X-ray

More benefits of digital x-ray include being able to save, store, and send your pet’s x-ray images. This is beneficial in getting your pet treated quickly and correctly. We can submit your pet’s x-rays to a specialist or to your pet’s future vet if you were to move out of town. Using digital x-ray also allows us to store your pet’s records more efficiently. Therefore if your pet has any reoccurring circumstances or a gradually progressing disease, we can use previous scans to look for any changes. For pet dental records we are able to get a more accurate image of your pet’s bone and tissue structure. This is thanks to the advanced technology that goes into digital x-rays.

Ultrasound Images by Our Veterinarians near Danville

We use a computer to view the ultrasound results. This is convenient because it allows us to share your pet’s images with other veterinarians and vet specialists as needed without a hitch. Taking advantage of this modern technology allows the Tassajara Veterinary Clinic to provide the best of care for pets in Danville, CA. If you are searching for a vet that provides digital imaging, as well as other comprehensive veterinary services, consider Drs. Elisa Dowd and Jeff Johnson.

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As you search for a veterinary clinic in Danville, consider the services of Tassajara Veterinary Clinic. We also offer pet wellness exams, pet vaccinations, pet dentistry, senior pet care, microchipping, and general surgery including spay and neuter services. Drs. Dowd and Johnson treat pets with compassion and dedication. Our vets treat pets in Danville, Blackhawk, San Ramon, Alamo, and Dublin. Contact our office at (925) 736-8387 to schedule your appointment for digital imaging for pets. We are currently offering 50 percent off of all new patient exams.