General Surgery at Our Local Danville Veterinarian

Taking measures to keep your pets healthy may require help from a veterinary surgeon in Danville. At the Tassajara Veterinary Clinic, we offer general surgery and specific surgical procedures to address common concerns, health complications or emergencies that may affect a pet’s health.

What Pet Surgery Do We Offer?

Pet surgery available in our veterinary clinic in Danville depends on the needs of your pet. We offer common surgical procedures, like spaying and neutering, as well as more advanced options with specialists who come to our clinic to perform surgeries on pets. We may remove tumors from your pet’s body, use surgical treatments for gastrointestinal or bladder complications or recommend more advanced surgeries when appropriate for your pet’s health.

Vets near Danville offer the treatment your pet needs after evaluating his or her health. We do not recommend surgical procedures unless it is necessary for your pet.

When Does a Pet Need Surgery?

At our pet clinic, we recommend surgery for specific concerns and health risks. Veterinarians near Danville suggest spaying or neutering your dogs and cats at a young age to prevent certain health concerns, like cancer and unwanted pregnancies. The surgical treatment also helps prevent or reduces certain unwanted behaviors, like roaming in male dogs or marking territory in your house.

Other veterinary surgery options depend on your pet’s specific needs. At our veterinary clinic in Danville, we evaluate a pet’s specific health concerns and then recommend a treatment plan. In some cases, we may suggest surgery remove a tumor, diagnose an internal health complication or to address injuries in an emergency. Veterinary surgeons in our clinic do not recommend surgery unless it is necessary for a pet’s health and other options have already failed or your pet needs treatment in an emergency.

Why Talk to Danville Veterinarians?

Danville veterinarians offer the treatment your pets need for good health. We treat pets in Danville, San Ramon, Blackhawk, Dublin, Alamo and the surrounding areas, so we have the experience to help with your pet’s specific needs. As a pet owner, you want to discuss the options for your pet and compare treatments to ensure that you select an appropriate treatment for the animal’s health and well-being.

We take the time to answer your questions about the surgical procedure, the potential risks and the care your pet needs afterward. Different pets recover differently from different surgeries. Both before and after the procedure we clarify what your pets may need from you as a pet owner. We also help you understand every detail of the procedure before your pet goes through surgery in our clinic.

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Vets near Danville offer the treatments your pet needs for long-term health. At our pet clinic, we offer many surgical procedures that may improve a pet’s health when ailments develop. To learn more about our general surgical treatments or to set up an appointment to talk to veterinarians near Danville, contact us at (925) 736-8387 today.