The Importance of Pet Dermatology

We don’t always think about the need for dermatology services for our pets but the skin is the largest organ in the body and its first line of defense. Dogs especially can be susceptible to skin and coat issues since they often spend a lot of time outdoors. If your pet is suffering from a skin issue, please get them the treatment that they require. Tassajara Veterinary Clinic provides full-service dermatology care from diagnosis and treatment to ongoing management of the skin and coat conditions that affect our canine friends.

Common Skin Problems in Dogs

If your pet is experiencing any of these common skin problems in dogs it may be time to get them medical treatment. Some skin and coat ailments will work themselves out after a day or two, but if your dog has a condition that is lingering or getting worse, please schedule an appointment for a full dermatological review.

  • Ticks, Fleas, and Other Parasites
  • Allergies
  • Hot Spots
  • Hair Loss
  • Dull Coats

Effective Pet Dermatology Treatments

There are many simple and straightforward ways to treat most of the skin problems that affect dogs. One of the most common causes of skin discomfort can be an adverse reaction to one or more food ingredients. A change to a hypoallergenic kibble may be all that your pet requires to treat their skin issue.

Basic skin care often starts with prevention of blood sucking parasites such as fleas and ticks. At Tassajara Veterinary Clinic, we offer a variety of topical and oral products to help eliminate these pests. Currently, we are encouraging our clients to use oral rather than topical medications as there is mounting evidence that topical parasite preventives may enter the local water system and damage the animals that live there.

If your dog is experiencing any type of skin or coat ailment, the entire team at the Tassajara Veterinary Clinic is here to help! We can recommend the safest and most effective supplements, hypoallergenic foods, and when necessary prescribe medication for your pet’s dermatological conditions.

We are Here to Fulfill all of Your Pet Dermatology Needs

Tassajara Veterinary Clinic is here to meet all of your pet’s dermatology needs; please give our office a call today at (925) 736-8387 to schedule a consultation. Our clinic is conveniently located at 3436 Camino Tassajara in Danville.