Raw & Grain Free Diets in Danville Veterinary Patients

Danville veterinary practices are blessed with astute and caring pet owners. When it comes to pet foods, the local pet stores and online retailers offer a staggering number of choices. Every few years a new marketing angle comes to the fore. Currently the two items which seem to be at the forefront of pet food advertising are the benefits of raw foods and grain free diets.

Our Danville Veterinarian Explains Raw Diets & Cautions to be Aware of

The idea that raw foods are closer to what our pets would eat if they were foraging and hunting in the wild is correct. Also, there are many stories in the media, on the internet and in pet food advertisements claiming raw foods have health benefits for our pets: healthier skin, better coats and improved digestive function.

Unfortunately, raw foods may be laced with bacteria such as Salmonella, E coli and Listeria. These bacteria can settle into the body of a dog or cat on a raw diet and be passed on to family members the pet lives with.

While there may be benefits for skin and coat and digestion from these raw diets, those benefits are more likely due to the limited ingredients, higher levels of protein and higher levels of fat in these diets, rather than de to the fact they are raw.

There are many high quality cooked diets which deliver all of these same benefits WITHOUT the added risks of Salmonella, E coli and Listeria.

Grain Free Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Better

The other current marketing angle is the idea of pet foods which are touted as being “grain free”. To most people, that translates into either “gluten free” or “carbohydrate free”.

However, many grains do not have gluten in them and grains are completely safe and healthy for most pets.

So, what about feeding dogs carbohydrates? Aren’t they carnivores?

While dogs are descended from wild carnivores, recent genetic testing has shown that they differ from them in their ability to digest carbohydrates.

When our Danville veterinary clients read the labels on the grain free foods, it becomes apparent that grains are replaced with sweet potatoes, tapioca, soy and other forms of carbohydrates.

Learn More from our Danville Veterinarian about Healthy Diets for Your Pet

Danville pets deserve good, wholesome, nutritious food every day of their lives. The veterinarians at Tassajara Veterinary Clinic can help you find a food that works for your pet. Contact our veterinarian in Danville at (925) 736-8387 today to learn more!