Conditions Treated by Your Veterinarian near Danville

Serious or minor: whatever your pet’s health issue, your veterinarian near Danville is passionate about providing A to Z vet care. Here are the conditions our veterinarian treats most often.

Obesity and Overweight Pets

Approximately 59 percent of cats and 54 percent of dogs in our country are overweight or obese, scary considering that an obese or overweight pet is susceptible to other diseases including heart disease and diabetes. Our vet care plan for these pets is a healthy diet and exercise regime.

Skin Disorders, Pet Allergies, and Pet Ear Infections

These three conditions are often related to allergy as the coordinating culprit. A common condition treated by your veterinarian near Danville, and one that makes pets miserable, is a flea allergy. Skin disorders can be caused by mange mites and ear infections, by ear mites. Food, grass, pollen or other allergens can also manifest by affecting the skin. Our job is to make your pet comfortable through treatment with topical and oral medications and to determine the source of the allergy.

Benign Masses

A frightening thing for pet owners is finding a lump or mass. The good news is that most lumps, bumps, and masses are not cancerous and require no treatment other than to monitoring. However, depending on where the benign mass is located, it may make sense to remove it surgically.

Gastrointestinal Disease

Cats and dogs occasionally vomit and/or have diarrhea, but when they do so violently over a short time, or the symptoms go on for several days, our veterinarian needs to enter the picture. Treatment for gastrointestinal conditions depends on the cause. Sometimes testing may be necessary to determine the cause. Parasites can significantly disturb the GI tract and can easily be treated. Vomiting by itself can be benign or it can be indicative of other serious and even life-threatening conditions such as ingestion of toxins or a systemic illness. Our veterinarian near Danville will conduct the diagnostic tests to diagnose and treat a vomiting pet.

Bladder Disease

Because owners see the resulting symptoms of bladder disease, they often bring these pets to us for treatment. The three conditions of bladder disease we treat most often are an infection, bladder inflammation (cystitis) and urinary tract crystals and stones. Diet is a major contributor to these conditions so part of our vet care plan will be to help design a healthy diet for your pet.

Dental Diseases

When pets don’t receive regular dental care, they become susceptible to periodontal disease, a condition that causes inflammation and infection of the gums and possible loss of teeth. In addition, the bacteria in dental disease can spread to other parts of the body. The best solution to this condition is daily brushing by owners.

Kidney Disease

Kidney disease in cats and dogs can occur at any age but is more common in senior patients. Our veterinarian treats both acute kidney disease, which can be the result of toxic ingestion, as well as chronic kidney disease which comes on gradually and is more easily managed.


If your pet begins limping or finds it difficult to get up and move around, he may be suffering from arthritis. Another condition more prevalent in older pets, vet care involves a combination of medication, exercise, and diet.

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