Puppy & Kitten Care in Danville, CA

Getting your cat or dog off to a good start is crucial, which is why we emphasize proper kitten and puppy care here at Tassajara Veterinary Clinic in Danville. We’re your one-stop-shop for all things pet, so come on in today!

Your Danville Vet Clinic for a Pet Wellness Exam, Vaccinations and Dental Cleaning

There are multiple components to healthy dogs and cats for life. Start with a pet wellness exam when you first get your animal to ensure they’re completely healthy and don’t need any vaccinations, and to make a plan for routine dental cleaning. Our Danville vet clinic is happy to help you with any and all of these services, and will remind you when each service is due to help your pet reach maximum health. If you’re ready for a pet wellness exam, to ensure proper vaccinations or to set up a dental cleaning for your furry friend, get in touch with our Danville vet clinic today.

Nutritional Counseling, Parasite Prevention, Spay & Neuter Services

We offer a number of other services in which includes:

Nutritional Counseling: If you want your pet to live the healthiest possible life, it’s important to get their diet right from the beginning. We offer nutritional counseling services to help you decide on the right food at each stage of your pet’s life, from puppy or kitten through adolescence, adulthood and old age.

Parasite Prevention: Proper parasite prevention is crucial. Fleas and ticks can carry illness that can seriously harm or even be fatal to your pet. The same is true of mosquitoes for dogs, which can transmit heartworm, a deadly parasite that takes up residence in the dog’s heart and lung arteries. While cats are less susceptible to this, they can contract other diseases, such as toxoplasmosis, a parasite that is transmittable to humans. That’s why it’s so important to learn about proper parasite prevention, for your pet’s sake and yours.

Spay & Neuter Services: Deciding to properly spay & neuter your pets is a very good choice. When you spay & neuter, you not only control the birth of unwanted animals –a serious problem in the United States and around the world – but you prevent cancer, other diseases and an array of obnoxious behaviors, like roaming, pacing and yowling.

The Danville Veterinary Clinic You Can Trust

We’re proud to be the Danville veterinary clinic you can put your faith in. Our doctors started this clinic themselves, and run it today with the same honesty and integrity they started with. If you’d like to set your puppy or kitten up for lifelong health.You can also call Tassajara Veterinary Clinic at (925) 736-8387, or make an appointment at your new Danville veterinary location through our website today. We can’t wait to see you.